Nicolas Audi Catering Profile

nicolas audi

Starting as an interior architect, Nicolas Audi successfully transitioned into the world of gastronomy. Bound by family ties to the Lebanese and Mediterranean Cuisines , Audi breaks down and reconstructs recipes from across the region, innovating and integrating various cuisines from around the world. His expertise brings contemporary and classical together, combined to offer the Lebanese population foreign yet familiar gastronomic experiences.

Aware that his company’s success relies on flexibility and the acceptance of the industry’s constant evolution, his fixation on product quality never falters. With this vision, he engages in culinary architecture. Sketching and drawing every dish, Nicolas Audi has high regards for presentation and culinary aesthetics.

As the innovator of custom catering in Lebanon , Nicolas Audi manages the company horizontally. This means being involved in the production of every dish, all the while delegating and motivating his team of professionals, satisfied by handing down his savoir-faire to each of his colleagues.

With patience and humility, Nicolas Audi has made his mark in the culinary world and is now a pillar of gastronomy in Lebanon.

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